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This is only one lesson that deals with the command that we are to always be ready to give an answer for the HOPE that is within us.
This is a 17-week study wherein you will survey the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. During these weeks of study you will learn the major components of the overall scope of Scripture and see how all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

You will learn:
-God's stated purpose for creating man.
-The present system of rulership over the earth.
-The promises given to Abraham and to his descendants.
-The story of the Children of Israel, from the birth of Isaac, through the redemption out of Egypt, to the wilderness trek, through the establishment of the United Kingdom and the ways of the Divided Kingdom.

You will also witness the first coming of Christ, His message, and the reason for the attendant miraculous signs performed by Christ prior to His Ascension.

Finally, you will overview the Epistles until you come to the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the culmination of God's Word to mankind.

Above all, you will walk away after 17 weeks of study, with a grasp of how all the various parts of God's Word fit together into a concise, beautiful, multi-faceted overall picture, that only God could have orchestrated.

Within this Bible Study Series this is a good study to begin with (if you are willing to put in 17 weeks of diligent study), OR a good study to follow after doing the JESUS THE MESSIAH study.
Many Christians understand how faith operates within the free gift of our salvation, but few can explain how works and rewards fit into the overall picture. This study is written for the purpose that we might have a tool to use in helping other Christians to come into an overall understanding of how faith, works and rewards are presented in God's Word. This is a 6 Part study with multiple lessons in each part.
This two-message series teaches Chrstians what it takes to grow up spiritually.
A Study on the Book of JAMES

To understand the Epistle of James is to understand how Faith and Works work together to bring about the salvation of our soul. James tells us that we are to lay aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness and humbly receive the implanted Word which is able to save our souls. Using the examples of Abraham and Rahab, James explains how our works must emanate out of faith in order to be counted as works that will bring about the reward of our inheritance at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Works really cannot be separated from faith, and it is within this concept that we can come to understand HOW we are to 'work out our own salvation'.
This is a 5-week Bible Study that covers five major topics concerning the person and work of Jesus the Christ.

This study covers:
--His Forerunner
--His Birth
--His Life
--His Death
--His Return

During these five weeks, you will see how very familiar passages fit within the overall scope of Scripture, perhaps in a way you have not seen before.

Within this Bible Study series, this may be the study that is best to begin with!
This is a 10-week study about the battle between the people of God and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. The battle is about an inheritance, a land, the very purpose for man?s creation, as well as the very purpose for man?s redemption. This study not only focuses on who our enemy is and the deceptive tactics he uses, but it also teaches about the equipment needed to stand firm in the battle: the full armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-17.

This study offers the Christian who is pressing on toward maturity a thorough understanding of that which is needed to be an overcomer in the current race of faith.

It is recommended that you be familiar with either the BIBLICAL SURVEY or the JESUS THE MESSIAH study before starting this one.
This is a 4-week Bible study that depicts the battle between the descendants of Jacob, and a particular line of the descendants of Esau. The picture, as given in the Old Testament, is a picture for Christians, depicting the on-going battle that rages within every one of us -- it is the battle between the flesh and the spirit. We need to realize how important this battle is--a kingdom is truly at stake.
The Full Scope of Our Salvation.
Did you know that we have been saved for a very specifically stated purpose which can be seen even within the very first chapter of the entire Bible? Yes! God states His purpose for Man exactly before and after He created him! Along with this, we also need to know that we have been SAVED for a purpose beyond the simplistic idea of going to heaven when you die. Really the purpose for man's creation and the purpose for man's salvation is one and the same. This four-part study lays out from Scripture WHY we are being saved.
This is a 16-week study on the Book of Hebrews. This New Testament epistle contains five major warnings to Christians concerning the coming age (see Heb. 2:5). It is an in-depth, inductive Bible study that makes an otherwise difficult to understand epistle, easy to understand.
This is a twelve week study that delves into both of Peter's Epistles. In Peter's first letter to the saints in Asia Minor, he encourages them to remain faithful in spite of the suffering they may have to endure. He tells them that Jesus was their example of the way in which they were to suffer, and relates that suffering always precedes glory.

In a sense, the second letter is a continuation of the first, in that it was written to the same people in Asia Minor, only in the second letter, Peter sounds a serious warning to his recipients concerning their remaining steadfast in what they had already been taught. He was concerned for false teachers among them; concerned for them not to be swayed away from what they had come to know and understand about the coming Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

These epistles offer Christians real practical application in an ongoing study of God's Word.
This is a seven-week study that lays the foundation to understanding Prophecy. We will begin where Jesus began...with Moses. We will study the first eleven chapters of Genesis and will most likely be surprised at all the details that can be learned by simply studying these initial chapters of Scripture.
For those wishing to watch or listen to Cindy's accompanying lectures they are available on the "Messages" page under "Understanding Prophecy Part I".
This is a Bible study that traces the purpose of marriage from Adam and Eve all the way through Scripture to Christ and His Bride. This study opens up understanding of how important marriage is and how serious it should be taken. You may learn some things that surprise you!