The Path to Glory

Part 1 - Glory series
By: Cindy Zeigler | Jun 24, 2007
This message is for the application of God's Word in your life and my life so that we WILL FIND THE PATH TO GLORY! For if we do not find the path to glory, and if we do not make a conscience CHOICE to go on that path, we will not make it!

We should not think that we can stand before Jesus on that Day, and say, "But Lord! Did I not prophecy in Your name, and cast out demons in your name, and...give money in your name..." And think (standing before the Lord in that Day) that we would be glorified because of knowledge...that has been so graciously given to us.

With respect to the Laodician Church (the time within our own dispensation), we will stand in a unique position, in that day. We will stand in the knowledge of what it would have taken to receive glory. We will stand with no excuse concerning having been taught the deeper truths of God's Word with respect to:
1. The Kingdom
2. The Inheritance
3. The Rest
4. The gaining of the inner covering of Glory and the oter garments of Spendor and Majesty.

We will have no excuse...and may I say, that the Knowledge of these things is not enough. It is my prayer that this message spurs you on to not just be hearers but doers of God?s Word.

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